Corporate Blend-Off

Blend up the perfect conference teambuilding activity...

Corporate Didjing!

Drone up a top team playing the oldest wind instrument in the world!!

Outdoor Insights

Give your team a breather and let nature do its work...

Didjeridu Workshops

Learn all the tricks to play well in no time!

Legend of Crooked Neck

A Dreamtime challenge that produces legendary teams...

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Didjeridu Teambuilding

Drone a team building vibration like never before learning to play the oldest wind instrument in the world!!   Imagine the laughs and excitement as your team-mates start to play great sounds, and eventually work together to make a song !



In or Outdoor Lab

Choose your lab; indoors, outdoors or both! Your conference room, or ours. Morning, Noon or Night, a unique team boost awaits you. Our teambuilding programs and activities are completely flexible and perfectly adaptable!

Wine Teambuilding

Take an exciting and surprising tour into the world of wine and learn what it takes to make a truly award-winning blend.  Put your team’s senses and skills to the ultimate test to work together and match our wine-maker’s award-winning blend!watch Spider-Man: Homecoming film online now



Unique Insights

You won’t find our team programs offered by anyone else, because we offer truly unique programs.  No Mission Impossibles or Great Races here.  Instead we promise insightful and exciting team building experiences…

Latest Team Activity…

Transport your team to the Dreamtime and take on a challenge that gets your heart pacing and minds racing!  With risk and mystery always on hand, this Legend guarantees to produce a legendary team!  A Sunshine Coast classic!



Experience Counts

We have travelled the world, been emersed in different cultures, worked with champion teams in great companies.  This broad knowledge is distilled in our Lab to create unique team building experiences…


Focus on the journey, not the destination... Insights come from not just finishing an activity but in doing it.