Wine in the Lab makes for a sensational new team building program!

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Don Lewis Narelle King Scott Estrich launch Corporate Blend Off

Tar & Roses wine-makers Don Lewis and Narelle King met Scott from BushLab in Brisbane recently to share a glass of Tempranillo and celebrate the launch of the BushLab Corporate Blend-Off program.  The wine-makers were in town as part of a master-class tour to show-case the grape variety’s prowess in Australia.  They proudly support the wine teambuilding program launched by BushLab, believing it is a great way for conference teams to test their wine skills and work together to produce results.  Tar and Roses supply the wines for each program, as well as their ‘secret’ blending formulas that make their wines such a market success.  The program is available at conference venues and function rooms across Noosa and the Sunshine Coast.  Explore the Corporate Blend-Off program

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