Didjeridu Teambuilding at Spicers Hidden Vale

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Spicers magificent country retreat at Hidden Vale rounded-up BushLab didjeridu teambuilding by camp-fire for some conference cowboys and gals…

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The conference group, on a teambuilding retreat at Spicers Hidden Vale, were lead to the campfire area as an burnt-orange moon rose up over the hinterland night sky…the scene was set for a truly unique and exciting experience!  The delegates had just donned cowboy and gal costumes, and playing the true part, entered the camp-place with guns ablazing.  However, they did not expect to be met with the powerful drones and sounds of a didjeridu, and the first song left them awed and cheering for more.

An air of disbelief encircled the flames as they were told that they too would learn how to play the instrument, and were instructed to fetch one for themselves from behind them in the dark surrounds.  Can this group really learn to play in 15 minutes flat?

Using a unique facilitation and teaching process, the entire group was all playing sounds and making vocals in time.  Laughter roared around the group as they were lead on a path of discovery and surprise that they really could play their own sounds together.

As the fire-light flickered and the moon rose higher into the night, the group moved onto their next conference activity, line-dancing.  However for that special moment by camp-fire, the group shared a common sound and vibration together, gaining insight on the didjeridu and its cultural significance, and changing ideas about what could be achieved by themselves and as a team…

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