Fire Services Didjeridu Teambuilding Program in Brisbane

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“Firies” droning up didjeridu songs by the Brisbane river?  Now that caused a show-stopper for the river traffic crusing by!  Corporate Didjing was integrated into a 3 day Leadership in Management program for the Queensland fire service …

Liz from Phoenix Psychological Services in Brisbane was keen to find a unique and engaging way to deliver the teambuilidng component of her leadership program.  She had heard a good word about BushLab from another conference venue and was interested to see if this type of program would be perfect for her Fire Service team.Qld Fire Services Corporate Didjing!

She wanted to test the team’s boundaries of what they thought they could achieve, to move them out of their comfort zones, but to engage them in a fun activity that highlighted good team insight.  Corporate Didjing ticked all the boxes!

Located by the river on the beautiful grounds of the Riverglenn Conference Centre, the team of 16 participants took the challenge to learn to play the didjeridu (didgeridoo or yidaki) and in 20 minutes were already playing good enough drones and sounds to catch the attention of river traffic cruising by!  Divided into “clan” groups, they challenged themselves to be the best clan to present a theme song together.

Qld Fire Services Corporate Didjing!The resulting clan songs were both entertaining and and brilliantly presented.  Applause rang across the river!  The teams worked incredibly well together to produce their songs complete with rhythms from clap-sticks and even a little hip-hop rhyming! 

Liz commented afterwards, “This was an excellent program that achieved exactly what I wanted..the guys had an absolute ball, but they also learned to step out of their norms to give something new a go, and to realize their potential individually as well as in a team”.  Further programs are already planned in the new year.  Some Brisbane river traffic control may have to stepped up for the next program…


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