FRSA at RACV Gold Coast Gets Didjeridu Vibe on Opening Night

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FRSA Conference Didjeridu program

An opening night spectacular with delegates of the Family Relationships Services Aust (FRSA) taking the challenge on stage in front of 100 attendees to learn to play the didjeridu…in 20 minutes!


The 3 day annual conference at RACV Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast was launched with live music and dance, together with a live on stage didjeridu presentation by Scott from BushLab. 

Volunteers were called from the huge audience to take the challenge to learn to play this iconic indigenous instrument, in 20 minutes flat!  Nine volunteers took the challenge and were quickly run through the basics of how to play by Scott.  The results were impressive, with everyone playing a basic drone, and some even managing some tonal and vocal sounds!  At the close of 20 minutes, some support percussion on clap-sticks was introduced and the entire group jammed their first cultural song.  The audience acknowledged the great effort on stage with a round of surging applause for their peers.

“The client was wrapped with how it went and we’ve had positive feedback from those that took part”, commented the event organisers after the night.

BushLab Didjeridu Performances are a great way to launch any large conference and guarantee to get a great vibe humming amongst delegates! 😀

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