Spicers Peak Lodge Get Nosey On Wine Teambuilding

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The team at Spicers Peak Lodge know a good thing when they see it.  There is, after all, a good reason for this quality country resort winning the 2011 Winner Savour Australia Restaurant & Catering Hostplus Awards for excellence.  So when venue General Manager Anne-Marelle Meijer wanted a unique and exciting teambuilding program to build her own team, she found the Corporate Blend-Off program offered by BushLab to be the perfect answer…

Spicers Peak Lodge team at Corporate Blend-Off

“We like to offer our client groups something truly unique and special at Spicers Peak Lodge, that is why we wanted to try BushLab programs ourselves, so we know what we are offering”, explained Anne-Marelle.

The team met for an overnight stay at Spicers Hiddenvale (Grandchester)Corporate Blend-Off wines and equipment to take on the BushLab Corporate Blend-Off challenge in the venue’s beautiful Laidley conference room.  Tar & Roses wines provided the base and finished wines for the program, as well as the secret details and blending percentages crafted by wine-makers Don Lewis and Narelle King for their new release Heathcote Shiraz 2010.

Scott from BushLab ran some fun introductory wine assessment and team formationBlend-off team 1: The Silver Peaks activities, then set the blend-off teams up and ready for the challenge.  Each blend-off team had its own supply of base wines, the finished wine, wine measuring equipment and wine-maker’s notes to use.  But the real challenge was to be found in each team working as effectively as possible together under time pressure, and with other blend-off teams chasing the perfect blend as well!

As is often said about wine, the results speak for themselves. Blend-off team 2: The Dogs Bollocks And with wine stains marking the blend-off players and zones, each team presented their results for tally and confirmation at the end of the time period.  The winning blend-off team came very close to matching the exact wine-maker’s percentages, trusting their noses (and each other) under great pressure.

And the results really do speak for themselves.  The team learned more than just about the type of unique blend that makes up one of Australia’s great wines, they also learned the type of unique blend that makes up a productive team…

Blend-Off team in action Blend-Off team member measures base wines Blend-Off team assessing wines Blend-Off team takes measure


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