QLD Fire Services Gets Wind of Teambuilding

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QLD Fire Services Corporate Didjing 31 Jan 2012

A second round of teambuilding from BushLab was planned for Queensland Fire Services following the success of the first Corporate Didjing! program held late last year, and what better way to blow the leadership development nominees away than with the didjeridu…

“This program ticks all the boxes,” explained Liz from Phoenix Psychological Services “it’s different, it’s fun and it gets the participants to really test their own and each other’s beliefs about what they can achieve.”  Corporate Didjing! is included in the group’s leadership development program as the team-building component.  “I really value the comparison made between indigenous cultural beliefs and the group’s current workplace philosophy.  It really gets them thinking.  Most of all they have such a great time, but their inhibitions are in fact being broken down through all the laughter!”

Qld Fire on tune with the didjeriduThe program was run indoors this time around, to take advantage of the sound acoustics in the conference room.  Everybody hears what they are playing, as well as everyone else!  The venue at Mount Ommaney Apartments in Brisbane provided a perfect large-sized conference room to house the 16 participants for the program.

And what a blast the group had learning to play the didjeridu!  With no experience what-so-ever, some team members really found their playing style fast.  Once they got a handle on the different ways to make sound and tone changes, the room was filled with an assortment of drones, moans and yelps!Firey clan group playing their song

Once teamed up in clan-groups to create and present their own songs, both clans got onto the challenge, and the resulting concert was very entertaining.   It was an even challenge with both teams appreciating the talents of the other.

One participant remarked afterwards, “I am into high altitude climbing and trekking, but I got the same buzz from learning to play the didjeridu, perhaps from the same vibration!”  There is certainly a great vibration in the didjeridu, as there are in teams, and all it takes is a little courage to give it a go to tune it up…

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