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BushLab program in action

Scott’s professional work and achievements in the decade leading up to year 2000 had established him as a talented facilitator of team development and programs in both Australia and Sweden. In Australia he worked in key staff development roles in national community organisations as well as higher education. In both countries he worked as team-building facilitator for leading teambuilding companies. Speaking three languages fluently, he developed a keen sense of the similarities and traits that underscored the industry, its trends and across cultures.
 BushLab was formed in 2000 to respond to a realisation for a specialiation of needs and a new interpretation in team development practices. Based initially in Sweden, the conference market and its demand for new innovative programs formed a major business focus. Liaison through the Swedish Tourism Authority enhanced market establishment. The ideas and insights developed during this period would later become the impetus for establshment back in homeland Australia…
The “nature of our orientation to nature” and its powerful and remarkable influence on individuals and groups has become the driving force behind BushLab. This insight has been harnessed through valuable contact and relationships with indigenous peoples across both countries, the Sami of northern Sweden, and the Yonglu of Arnhem Land Australia.

BushLab infuses significant cultural and landscape experiences with knowledge and insight in team effectiveness, forming unique and exciting team building opportunities for people in workplaces, conferences, communities and public gatherings.

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