Didjeridu Concerts

Scott playing Live at Woodford Winddown festival



The Didjeridu creates a vibration and a sound-scape like no other instrument.  It intrigues fascinates and uplifts an audience!  As a backdrop to your event, played solo or integrated with other musicians, the didjeridu adds the dynamic element of world music and tribal sound.

Scott has played on stage at the Marriage of Prince Fredrick and Mary Donaldson in Copenhagen, Denmark.  He has played across Europe to entertain public and private audiences, including the Wilderness Congress in Sweden.  In Australia, he has played on stage with DJ’s and musicians from around the world, from classical ensembles to cover- bands.

Mixing traditional and contemporary sounds makes Scott extremely flexible to match a playing style with the occasion.  Scott is available to play at festivals, public and private events.

Perfect for corporate or community events and private gatherings, concerts can run in or outdoors at any time, on or off stages, and with or without power supply.

Concerts cost  

$450 per hour all inclusive. 

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