Didjeridu Presentations

Scott at a Didjeridu Performance


Australia’s icon instrument will shake your senses and enliven your imagination!!  This
presentation is hyped with incredible tones and sounds from a variety of authentic and modern instruments.  Follow scott on a fascinating tour of what, where and how the didjeridu came to be, as well as its monolithic rise from birthplace on the coasts of Arnhem Land to the very corners of the entire globe, with an enormous world-wide following of players and enthusiasts.

Scott draws on his life and passion to master and play the didjeridu across Australia and Europe.  Based on his personal experience living in Arnhem Land communities to learn traditional styles, he vividly retells his story of a “Balanda” (non-indigenous person) captivated by the culture and magic surrounding this great instrument. Hear traditional songs and tones from custodian clan-groups taught to him by elders and master-players, as well as modern contemporary songs that will get your feet tapping and hands clapping!

Perfect for corporate and school groups, community and private gatherings and events, providing an entertaining personal insight based on facts and legend.  Presentations run for 1 hour and can be held indoors or outdoors.

A perfect solution to boost your corporate function!

Run a Presentation any time, day or night, and with or without technical  support.
Great locations include any meeting or class room, general assembly area or other indoor space, or outdoor area including parks, grassed or sandy locations, campfires areas or outdoor auditorium.
Special offer!  The Sunshine Coast indigenous dance troupe Gubbi Gubbi Dancers can “welcome you to country” with their inspiring traditional dance and music presentation at your event!  Couple this with a BushLab Didjeridu presentation, and you have a unforgettable conference event for your program!  Read more at the Quick Link…

Presentations cost

The 1 hour presentation costs $450 all inclusive.
A minimum number of 10 to unlimited people are required.

Or book a fantastic Gubbi Gubbi Co-presentation!

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