Special Program

Gubbi Gubbi Co-Presentation

Scott with Gubbi Gubbi Dancers


Be enthralled as the Sunshine Coast Gubbi Gubbi Dance Troupe take you on an exciting and wondrous journey into culture, through dance, music and traditional dress!  Come closer to their traditions and feel the energy and magic of their performance live at your event.  To the sound of didjeridu and sticks, the troupe portray in dance and motion their songs and stories that have been passed down through generations before them.  A truly unforgettable experience that will offer you rare insight to the land and culture that permiates this beautiful region.

Be entertained as Scott from BushLab draws on his life and passion to play the didjeridu across Australia and Europe.  As a “Balanda” (non-indigenous person) captivated by the culture and magic of this great instrument, he has heartwarming stories from his travels and ties to master players from Arnhem Land and beyond.  Hear traditional songs and tones from custodian clan-groups , as well as modern contemporary songs that will get your feet tapping and hands clapping!

Perfect for corporate and conference events, including conference lunches or dinners, launches and celebrations.  Presentations run for 2 hours total and can be held indoors or outdoors.

An unforgettable experience at your conference event!

Co-Presentations run any time, day or night, and with or without technical  support.
Great locations include any meeting or general assembly area or other indoor space with a stage or focal point, or outdoor area adjacent to your venue including parks, grassed or sandy locations, campfire areas or outdoor auditorium.
Presentations cost  

The 2 hour co-presentation quoted at time of booking. 
A minimum number of 20 to unlimited audience.

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