Team Yantra with MBTI

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What is Team Yantra?  A fun and creative workshop that strengthens and unifies a team by providing insight and knowledge on team dynamics using Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). This insight will then be drawn upon to create a team mandala which represents the team’s own identity through its Types as well as its values and mission.  The final mandala becomes a visual keep-sake and artistic reference to the team’s values and insights and can be proudly framed and presented at the workplace.

Great for? Corporate and industry teams, workplace or project teams and community groups.  This program is ideal for any team seeking positive improvement and cohesion.


Creating a group mandala is a unifying experience in which people can express themselves individually within a unified structure…


When to use? As a tool to improve a working team, or as a highlight to team-building goals in a training and development agenda.  The creative and hands-on approach gives this program a keen focus between working from a clear and reliable base to developing a unifying art-form together!  

Best locations? Any conference or meeting room, staff area, or protected out-door area. 
We have loads of great locations for you if you prefer to go off-site.

What’s included?  •  A fun introduction to Type and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
    •  Results of individual MBTI assessments (included in program)
    •  Mandala workshop lead by renowned Mandala facilitator Joan Tan

How much does the Team Yantra program cost?

The full-day program costs $155 per participant, all inclusive.
A minimum number of 5 to 30 participants is required at any one program.
(Groups of up to 50 participants are arranged on negotiation)

Create a unified and insightful team!

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