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Team Challenge in Nature

Fresh air, trees and birds, and time to just be for yourself and your team-mates… sounds like a good formula for building a better team!

If walking is good exersise, then trekking is beneficial to body and soul!  You get time to think, to be, and to live in the moment.  It does not have to be hard-core, just an ample stroll through some undistrurbed forest surrounds can pave the way for appreciation, insight and growth.

This is a tradition that has gone on across indigenous cultures since time immortal.

So what if your group takes a team trek together?  First thing is, you’ll probably find you might leave some workplace roles and issues behind (you can also leave them in your backpack, or even along the walking trail).  Natural surrounds tend to enhance natural behaviours.  Second, you might have time like never before to really chat with your colleagues – and chat a little with yourself too – we like to call this “track-talk” and it means you are fast-tracking your team growth…


Your walking experience will be paved with some guided expertise to:

              • learn about good trekking preparation
              • some natural insights from the bush
              • structured activities from your guide to enhance your team
              • a billy-tea break with a didjeridu tune or two


The Team Trek activity costs;

  • $20 per person tea-break and trek (minimum 10 persons)
  • transport can be arranged on request 
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