The Legend of Crooked Neck!

And so starts the Legend of Crooked Neck, an exciting and challenging team-based activity that demands the upmost of team work in order to succeed… this is the Sunshine Coast’s very own sensational teambuilding activity!

What is The Legend of crooked Neck? Based on a well known local indigenous dream-time story of the Gubbi Gubbi people and local historical events, this team-based activity is designed to test the very essence of great team work under pressure, with loads of fun and laughs!

Great for? Conference and business teams, workplace or project teams and community groups.  This activity is perfect for any group seeking a fun and exciting challenge that gets people immediately working closely together. 

A perfect break-out and re-energizer for any group!

When to use? As a break-out or planned event in any conference agenda or larger mangement development program.  The fun and interaction makes this program a perfect re-energizer or to engage team building!  

What are the best locations? Any conference or meeting room, staff area, or protected out-door area.   The activity can be run inside through a number of rooms, or outside in any grassy landscaped area.  We have loads of great locations for you if you prefer to go off-site.

What’s included? 

 •  The full 2 hour activity
 •  Handout materials 

What does The Legend of Crooked Neck cost?
The two (2) hour program costs only $35 per participant, all inclusive.
A minimum number of 8 to 40 participants is required for any one program.

Are you ready to take on the Legend?


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  • Quick Facts

    • Group Size: 8 to 40 persons
    • Cost: $35 per person all inclusive
    • Duration: 1 1/2 – 2 hours
    • Large in or outdoor areas
    • Adults, typical levels of physical assertion (running short distances)
    • Team building, conference breakout, cultural activity, group re-energizer
    • Communication, decision-making and working together under pressure
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