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The haunting and captivating sounds of the world’s oldest wind instrument can be part of your fondest memories on your very special day.  As a musical backdrop these sounds create a magical atmosphere for your ceremony or reception, and an uplifting vibration will touch every guest.

At the Ceremony As a special moment during your ceremony, on your arrival, your departure, or as a special part of proceedings such as during the signing of your marriage certificate.  Your beautiful marriage ceremony, held in a natural outdoor area, or indoors in your church or private setting, will be magically enhanced with didjeridu.

At the Reception At any time suitable to you during your grand celebration with family and friends, and particularly moving when heard by your guests on their arrival – or yours – to the reception.  Didjeridu can be played solo or easily coupled with other instruments or disc-jockeys for a unique and uplifting musical experience.

Didjeridu Blessings (On request) The didjeridu and its powerful vibrational energy can be used to energize and empower newly-weds, and forms a unique and strong bond for a happy and fruitful life together.

Didjeridu Weddings Price:

An all inclusive cost of $250 for Ceremony only,
or $450 for appearances at both Ceremony and Reception.
(a maximum playing time of 2 hours including breaks)

A magical vibration for your special day…

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