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BushLab Didjeridu Workshop

BushLab Didjeridu Workshops are hands-on classes with maximum participation and fun learning to play the didjeridu (didgeridoo or yidaki).  Using unique tips and approaches from across the world, Scott teaches students to make basic sounds and tones to get playing  in a remarkably short time. 

Students from schools, colleges, language institutes and community groups are brought together to learn about the significance of the didjeridu to indigenous culture, and to quickly pick up the skills and tips for mastering the instrument themselves.  Private and public gatherings can showcase a workshop, including festivals and outdoor events.

No previous experience or musical ability required whatsoever !

Run a BushLab Didjeridu Workshop any time, day or night, rain, hail or shine! 
Perfect locations include any meeting or class room, general assembly area or other indoor space, or any outdoor area including parks, grassed or sandy locations, campfires areas or outdoor auditorium.
Outline includes;  

•  Traditional and contemporary playing styles
•  Fun  learning a basic drone, and various sounds and tones
•  Hygienically clean practice instrument to each person

Workshops cost  The 1 hour program costs $15 per participant, all inclusive.
A minimum number of 10 to 50 participants can attend any one program.

Everyone is guaranteed to play a sound!


 3 Day intensive didjeridu workshops
April 2013

NOW being planned for intermediate players seeking to get to the next level!!!
•  3 x 2 hour workshops
•  Master your playing skills, advanced sounds, tones and rhythms
•  Advanced circular breathing techniques
•  Practice instruments to take home during the course of the workshop
•  Fun and practical learning environment at Peregian Beach Community House
•  $65 per person for complete workshop 

Contact Scott via the Booking Form on this page and secure your place!


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