Learning Path


What’s the total wisdom of a team?

Total Wisdom of a Team = 200 years

Consider the years of knowledge and experience of one person, and then multiply it by the number in a team…
you could be looking at 200 years of wisdom combined!

A team has all the capacity in the world to identify and solve its own challenges, but often it needs a nudge in the right direction.  That nudge sometimes only needs to be towards a place of inclusion and trust, which encourages them to express and clarify important issues in relation to work as well as with each other.  Openness is the door, trust is the key.

What is vital here is that the energy that drives creativity and ideas is not shackled by fear of acceptance or judgement from others.  Then we with-hold ourselves, our wisdom is not tapped and utilised, and the team loses that source altogether.  Productivity and effectiveness are wasted.

This condition effects all groups engaged in any team work.  Our ideas and contributions are vital to the team in working together most effectively to achieve results.  Open contribution and inclusion lies at the very heart of supreme cooperative efforts.

Learning TogetherBy feeling safe to contribute, we are more prepared to become involved personally and honestly.  A team that creates a climate of inclusion for all capitalises on each person’s full wisdom and enthusiasm, and therefore gains quality of information and results.

But do we all think, feel, and contribute in the same way?
If we did, that would make sharing ideas and making decisions pretty simple and straight-forward! The fact that we do not is just a simple reminder that we are all intricately and wonderfully human, but it does present a challenge for teams.  That challenge is to manage a space where each member feels not only safe to contribute, but encouraged to contribute in their own way.

By feeling encouraged to contribute in our own way, we are prepared to utilize our strengths.  And our strengths differ widely.  Some people prefer to first think things through alone, others like to talk it out straight.  Some are more structured in ideas, others more spontaneous.  He likes the big picture.  She prefers the details.  No one way is better than the other, each has its purpose and place.

Nature's PathThis is where a team must provide a place for its members to participate as they can.  It’s a place that promotes inclusion and acceptance, a place that awards and accepts differences.

The learning path is one of very many different tracks…
as many as all the
tracks through the forests of the world.
No one track is better than the another, each has its own assets.

First we must want to walk the track that suits us best,
then we must want to share our insights with the rest.
This way a team walks together with purpose towards its goals. 


Experience, ideas, insight.