Getting people closer to their nature…

Scott K. Estrich has been engaged in Organisational Development, Human Resources, training and experiential learning for over 15 years, both regionally and internationally.  His professional career combined with multi-cultural exposure in many countries produces a unique and powerful approach to personal skilling and team “boosting” at corporate level.   Fluent in English, Swedish and French, he resided 4 years in Sweden working in conferencing and team building industries, before returning to Australia to further establish the BushLab entity.

Scott’s grounding as Manager for Staff Development at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Australia together with wide experience as organisational consultant and team leader in many countries offers a rich source of competencies for team development initiatives.  Scott has worked regularly as lead facilitator to team programs in Australia and Sweden. He has also facilitated large senior management teambuilding programs in Shanghai, China, to establish and fortify cross-cultural relations within teams.

Scott has been playing and teaching the didjeridu for almost 10 years, and has entertained groups and public audiences in concerts and festivals across Australia and Europe.  He has worked and trained with didjeridu masters Djalu Gurriwiwi (Galpu, north-east Arnhem Land), Milkay Mununggurr (Djapu, north-east Arnhem Land) and Darryl Dikarrna (Miali, central Arnhem Land). His respect for the culture, passion for the instrument, and the mystery it holds has become a key element in many of the inspirational programs and events offered through BushLab.

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