The Natural Lab

When was the last time you took a walk in the forest?

Team Challenge in Nature

Hopefully, it was not so long ago that you cannot recall the refreshing and revitalising feeling that you felt.
If you have ever camped out, or done a longer trek in the bush, then you will vividly recall and treasure how replenished you felt in your surrounds.

It is no news that our minds and bodies respond to the energy and calming surrounds that abound in the outdoors. Indigenous cultures base their entire lifestyle and beliefs upon it. All modern and alternative health solutions acclaim and recommend it.

Bushlab´s approach is based on the simplest of elements…the same element that has governed the beliefs, traditions and rituals of traditional folk since time immortal…the element that conducts and fashions our environment in all its marvellous forms. It is the element of Nature herself.

As a laboratory for experiences, ideas and insights, Nature provides the perfect stage…a neutral and undiscriminating space in which to work together. With the right application, this space can be recreated anywhere, indoors or out.

In business workplaces, people interact with each other regularly as a result of their occupations and responsibilities. Roles and positions are established and maintained under codes of conduct and in the name of productivity. Workplaces as environments harbour set behaviours, beliefs and expectations, without which work would cease to achieve results. This is our organisational culture.

But this very culture may also stifle the relationships of individuals who might need to come together and work successfully as a team. It may cloud perceptions and make it difficult for members to see each other in new productive ways. Work roles and workplace culture can hijack the process of team building.

Providing a natural forum goes a long way to managing these workplace beliefs and roles. A natural OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAenvironment or process builds a new, safe and creative stage for insight. Participants interact out of regular uniform, minus the badge, hat or tools. Policies and procedures are replaced with openness and trust. Fun is encouraged. Good team building can begin…

There is a formidable yet undefined force in the forest. It’s a force recognized and respected by indigenous cultures. It could be that same force that lulls a group into a calmness, stillness and in many ways an openness in front of a fire. Most people can recall having a fireside chat. Has anyone ever talked this way in the boardroom?

Bushlab recognises and incorporates the essence that is Nature, and provides programs and services that boost people naturally.

Boosting People Naturally!