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Wind Prospect Program Review 


Group:        Wind Prospect International Conference
Date:           May 2008
Size:           34 Delegates
Location:  Noosa Blue Resort, Noosa Heads, QLD

Overview: An annual conference bringing corporate representatives of Wind Prospect from around the globe together for an annual strategic review.  The 2 day meet planned to close with a fun and distinctly “Australian” activity that would break down barriers and create some fun before a closing dinner and drinks.  Corporate Didjing met this objective!

Roll-out: The late afternoon program was run for the group as drinks were being prepared, located outside around the conference pool area.  A film crew were on location on the day to produce a promotional video of the program, adding excitement to the atmosphere!


“I can’t believe what i have learned about Australian culture and this amazing instrument in such a short time”

 “Awesome! Those guys from overseas will be blown away with this experience. They would never have expected to get this kind of thing during their visit”

 “I wish you all the best for this program and the things you do Scott, you really do deliver a great program that comes straight from the heart”

 “I can’t wait to tell my friends back home!”

 “Hi Scott. Thank you for doing the last conference activity for us it was enjoyed by all that participated look forward to using you again in the near future.” Rachel

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 Wind Prospect Corporate Didjing program


Video filmed on location